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Hey, did anyone get a new bow or anything to 'supplement' the season?
I've got a terrible habbit of buying bows. Let's see. In January I sold my Bowtech Invasion and bought a Bowtech Insanity CPXL that I set up for targets and a Bowtech Admiral for hunting. After not liking the CPXL, I sold that and bought another invasion. After turkey season, I sold my Admiral and bought a Obsession Lethal Force. The Lethal Force is a super sweet bow & I found myself only shooting that and not shooting my Invasion, so I sold the 2nd invasion. So yeah, I'm junkie. But it will take a lot for me to get rid of my Lethal Force. It is fast, forgiving, dead in hands, zero shock, balances well, and is a shooter. Obsession is a young company, but they contract their engineering work to Kevin Strothers. There are mixed reviews on Kevin Strothers, I don't read into them too much, because one thing that can't be denied is they guy can design sweet bows. Just look at what he did with Bowtech, Elite, and Strothers. Other than that, not too much else new this year.
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