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Hey KCMO, good to hear from you. I didn't want to stick you with captain if you didn't want I hope my post didn't come across that way. If anyone else wants it, I'm cool with it. You did an excellent job last year, so I'd be cool with you again.

I either have issues or my wife has issues, but Stella actually don't have ANY camo. Can you believe it. She somehow finds herself a lot of pink in her closet, but no camo. Then again, I don't do the shopping, so I guess I really can't complain.

Nice to hear you have some good bucks showing up. We have a couple descent ones and a really ugly/wide 11 that I'd probably take, but nothing to write home about. How has everyone's area been with EHD. We haven't found any dead deer yet, but it is a scary thing.

The good thing is, at least we don't have to think of a team name...haha.
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