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My name is Shawn, and I also hunt and live in the great BUCKEYE state of OHIO!!!!! Unfortunately this year my camera's have given me fits and I only have a few pics of some does and some smaller bucks. I do have a pic of what looks to be like a 120" 2 year old but he is definitely passer for another year or so. Anyways don't fret because I have been seeing alot of nice bucks and i will post a pic of a 8 pointer that looks to be 180" this year. The pic is from early July of last year. But, I have seen him this sumer and he is much bigger and he is still an 8 pointer. Last year I had him broadside at 15 yards but I already nailed my 144' 12 point 3 days earlier so he got a free pass. I have also seen several other nice bucks on the two properties I hunt on that range between 130"-160" It should be another great year!!!!! I also put down alot of does so if they are allowed I will definitely be helping out in that area as well. NIce meeting you all so far and hopefully we all put down monsters this year!!!!!
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