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Default 7 rum

I know it's not a main stream round as popular as an '06 for example but when I bought it , all they had was the 7 RUM , a .375 H&H , and a .416 Rigby it was the smallest of the three so I took it . I just didn't want those other two cannons although they are good rounds also . I guess I got a good one , it works really well I have no complaints as far as it working well and shooting tight groups are concerned . No the barrel doesn't overheat after 3 shots , thats an old wives tale for me . Never seen it happen . You guys are right , no sales may mean we won't see it but I hope that doesn't happen .
I have run into people who have it or the .300 RUM , so they do have a fan base that I hope keeps growing . I wish Everyone here a Safe Hunting Season this year and Good Luck .
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