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Originally Posted by Bocajnala View Post

As previous years went, any type of squirrel will count. No chipmunks. To be scored you at least need a picture of the tails. PREFERABLY a picture of the whole squirrel with the gun. Signups will run through the end of august and then I will make the teams.
If someone wants to sign up late, I am ok with allowing people in throughout the season, but if anyone opposes that let me know. The more the better, in my opinion. If your season starts earlier than september 1st, then go ahead and post your kills and it will be for whatever team you end up on.
The attached picture is a good example of how to take a photo.
Bocajnala is this a Taurus Tracker?
I have a SS Taurus Tracker in .22 lr, and .22 magnm.
Thats what I use forsquirrels.

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