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I have used the Throw & Grow clover,brassica and rye grass mix a couple of times.The first time I used it was near our pond and due to dry conditions and to much shade it did not do well.The clover and the grass came up but not the brassica. This year while developing some land I had some fresh turned up soil and covered a larger area once again in very dry conditions.It seemed it was doomed because of the dryness but because I put lime and fertilizer down and strawed the area,my efforts at watering it have payed off somewhat. We have had 2 good rains and 3 or 4 good showers and it is coming up 5 weeks after I planted it. Only time will tell with more heat coming and dry conditions if it will mature before this fall. Throw and grow with no work doing some prep is a bit deceptive,you need decent soil and rain to get it to grow but it's minimal if the good earth is there. I've yet to see a Deer eat any of what has grown yet,it's not like they are lining up to get at it.
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