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Default No Plow Fall Food Plots

If it decides to rain here in central IL somtime before september I was thinking about trying one of those "no plow" seeds to grow a small food plot on a travel route the deer are taking from a bedding area to 2 fields which by the time october comes around one field will be a worked corn field and the second will be cut beans.

I can't get any equipment such as a tractor or 4 wheeler to this spot and I understand its not as easy as just throwing the seed down and you have a food plot.
I am prepared to use alittle elbow grease. For the people that have tried these products what did you do and how effective was it?

The area I am going to pant which is probably 10yrds wide and 15 yards long is already cleared to the bare dirt. My plan is to go out before a rain (if we get one)and use a metal rake and a small mantis tiller I can carry in to break up the soil then just spread the seed and let the rain work it in.

not sure if it will work but I am going to try.
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