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The year before I got a nice six point at Three Lakes...

Last year I did not score but should have had 2

I shot a big doe in the GS ..complete pass through..but in a swamp there is no blood trail...
Felt really bad..

During firearm...I called in a beautiful eight point..GS but I zeroed my rifle in was my long range 270 for Three Lakes..anyway..shot over or under his head...depressed for many days..I did get a nice hog ...

Anyways, I'm trusting the Lord for a deer this year.

Your welcome to fish in our little tournaments..
It's 5 dollars. Since it's SC which is catch and release we go by the honor system..the reason I asked if you were a Christian...We count our heaviest 2 fish over 14 inches, I know your a good fishermen..I've watched you fish.(-; We are going to fish lake two at Tenoroc next Sat...We'd be happy to have ya.

We all use a mechanical Rapala can use what you got..but since they may vary a little..The winner must win by at least a1/2 pound..

Good to have ya here..I wished I could hunt as well as I fish..if you could give me any pointers at hunting GS I'd appreciate it,..

What I do now is..
A, scout and hunt deep
B hunt the thick stuff
C.use the wind to my advantage.
D.sit as long as possible
E.i usually read an entire gospel..and sit all day.

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