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Appreciate the reply partner..I studied videos of folks hooking into them last night and also listened to KVD himself...and here's what I observed and will try Tues.

These particular frog is not like the Horny Toad which I will explain in the next paragraph...the KVD frog is very soft..when the bass bites down I believe he feels the 2 5/0 hooks and spits it out.I've had about 8 bass explode on it now and none of them took it..therefore (and what I gathered from successful froggers) one needs to set the hook like a jig ...soon as. She explodes..pop her,,which totally goes against my style of hook setting..I discovered this lure last week as I had caught 3 bass,,the older man had caught 15..and nothing under 3 pounds,,,I'm now all ears(-:...his lure..a KVD Sexy Frog..and he told me as soon as she explodes pop her...I ran into another man yesterday...said the same thing..and watching the videoed I saw the same thing from 90 percent of them...the only lure I fish like this is a jig...if I feel anything I pop her good

Now..I an successful with the Horny Toad and that hook is well hidden..the bass will boil and in most cases like a rubber worm swim off with it..then I feel the fish and let the rod blank drive the hook home for me using a pull set..

I'll let you all know Tues, When I experiment like this..I will leave ALL other lure home.Another adjustment...switching from 10 pound mono to 20 pound braid..and a stiffer rod.
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