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Thanks everyone for the encouragement.. I guess it is about time to post a few more pics for you all..
This squirrel loves to raid the wife's bird feeder, but, the wife enjoys watching it..

A hawk waiting for dinner..

I see dinner..

This rabbit was able to escape this time.. Lucky brake..

I wish I could of been closer for this picture.. It's time to run..LOL

A nice size cow moose..

A pair of yearling moose that the mother must have drove off..

Grumpy snapping turtle looking for a place to lay her eggs..

A hooded merganser swiming in an old bog..

A Canadian Spruce Grouse/Partridge.. No hunting these here anyways..

As well as one of our favorite game birds to hunt.. The Ruffed Grouse..

I hope everyone has enjoyed these.. Thanks for looking..

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