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Originally Posted by Zim View Post
I don't vacation nor even drive thru Tennessee, but I have no problem with TN residents hunting IL public land. It's the QUANTITY of them I have a problem with. Illinois should take care of it's resident taxpayers first, like most states do.

You cannot compare hunting land with amusement parks. A roller coaster is the same for the 1st rider as it is for the 500th. Not so for hunting land. Everyone knows the quality of experience drops VERY quickly when too many hunters are allowed in.

But if you feel a state should take care of nonresidents before it's own, then we will agree to disagree.
Amen to every last word! Unfortunately, thanks to the aforementioned less than honest politicians here in Illinois raping the IDNR budget the way they have for the last 10 to 12 years, IDNR needs every non-resident dollar they can get their hands on. The way things look now, my guess is that it is going to get a lot more expensive for everyone to Deer hunt in Illinois. Limiting the number of non-residents is never going to happen here in Illinois as long as they are willing to pony up to hunt Deer the way they do. Just glad I have a nice chunk of private ground to hunt.
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