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Originally Posted by Zim View Post
Needed a break from the grossly overhunted public land here in Illinois.
That's how I feel about the state of Virginia. Virginia has those WMA's (Wildlife Management Area) and they are ridiculously overhunted, overused, and totally mismanaged by the state. Saturdays on the WMA's are downright scary - I mean, it's a wonder someone hasn't been shot yet! It's like there's so much blaze orange, it looks like a freakin' pumpkin patch, and worse - it's like there's a hunter behind every tree!

Virginia = if you don't have access to private land, you're screwed.
Virginia = you can't hunt on Sundays!
Virginia = they run hound dogs east of the Blue Ridge Mts (both legally, and um...well... )
Virginia = some places are LOADED with deer, but yet, you can't hunt them, obtain access to them, etc...etc...
Virginia = Pffffttttt... I'm done hunting in this state!
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