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Default RE which implement to use

Originally Posted by RackLuster View Post
I'm going to start on my food plot this weekend now that I have an area cleared out and I want to buy just one implement for preparing the soil. Plus, the wifey has me on a budget since I bought land and a wheeler this year .

I know people have trouble breaking ground for the first time w/ disks, moldboards are supposed to be bad for the soil and hard to turn, and the cultivator looks more like it's for cultivating between rows of plants not necessarily for soil preparation. So, I need help. Which should I get?

I should note that the soil is mostly clay w/ pockets of real nice black dirt. the plot is rather small (less than one acre) and I'm going to have some problems with roots as there are some saplings and the area had been logged about 5-6 years ago (although all the stumps are gone).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm about ready to cold call an old farmer for some advice.

Hey Rack, Try out a plotmaster. There are several models to choose from and you can plant multiblend seeds with out breaking seed hulls or seed seperating in the box while planting. It comes complete with double gang disc, drag and cultipacker and would reccomend the chisle plow attachment for breaking upen hardpan or new ground as well as allowing water and oxwgen flow in the soil. I plant from Alabama to Mo for clients and for a one peice unit that can disc, plow, drag seed and cultipac I do not have to hook and un hook 4 to 5 different attachments to get the job done. if I can help further let us know and wish you we llon your plots this year.
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