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Originally Posted by The Rev View Post
All those are fine and dandy, but it's really hard to beat high carbon steel, the others may shine pretty but I can get High Carbon so hard it will cut those other knives..Remember that is what files are are made from, and they are made to cut steel.
Yes sir you are correct. Hard you can get it but dont count on it being in one piece after accidentally dropping it. coming from a knife maker and son of a knife maker many years in the buisness i will say you are correct about high carbon. as far as holding and edge and ease of sharpening 1095c is great. In fact high carbon steels can be hardened to 62c and a file will not scratch them. But if you drop a file it will break. New files are made of cast pot metal and are cheap ****, old files are not cast. Honestly our favorite steel for a good dependable durable long lasting knife is L6. Old sawblades from mills are IMO one of the best. Tool steels are tougher to work with and for some reason dont like to treat at the right rc. A2, D2, M2, O2, ATS34, they are good tool steels but for a good knife blade an ol mill sawblade is the best. You can get it to a hardness strong enough to cut the competition and hold the edge, but forgiving enough to not break when splitting a pelvic bone on a whitetail.

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