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Originally Posted by earnabuck View Post
Again, temperature is not an indicator of nesting, it is the amount of daylight. Just as the rut indicates. There is no reason to be seeing fawns earlier because the rut occurred at the same time it always does, the first few weeks of November. Warm temps aren't going to speed up the gestation period. My wife is pregnant, and it has been warm here, but her due date is still the same. If your seeing poults now, you probably always would see poults at this time.
Dude, I never see poults until the end of May or first weeks of June so either things are early or I need to call Cuddeback and find out why my cameras have only been taking pics of the hens and doe and leaving their offspring out for the last 8 years. Also you wife comes in "estrus" every month and not once a year.
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