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Originally Posted by Talondale View Post
Early warm spring here. How about you guys?

Beautiful weather! Looks like some all day on the boat kind of weather.

Turkey season is less than a month away. People have been saying turkeys in iowa will be hooking up earlier this year due to the easy winter..
Not a turkey myself so I can't tell you if this is true or not. But either way, one of em will be feeling my arrow this spring.

I gotta sacrifice the first week/weekend of turkey season to do a little work on my pickup. My family owns a sandblasting and painting business so im gonna be sandblasting the rust on the bottom sides of my truck. Its getting to be pretty bad now. Then im gonna sand the rest of the truck down and give it a couple nice coats of primer and paint.

We never sandblast and paint vehicles. Our equipment is to powerful for that. It usually warps the metal. So its gonna be a trick doing these sides. We will just dust is quick with the blaster. We do more industrialized equipment.
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