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Default Shooting Knight's step child caliber...

Well I had a bit of time today and I really wanted to get some shooting in. The farm is to muddy so I headed to the Leittle Boulder Rock Pit.

I did debate about which rifle to shoot but it was an easy decision when I got to thinking about the Extreme 52. I know a lot of people consider this gun a wasted caliber, but for myself it is one of my more favorite guns to shoot. The rifle shoots lights out and is very reliable, but my biggest reason for getting one was the 1-26" twist that Knight uses in that caliber. The twist really makes it more valuable to me as it shoots longer heavier bullets that require a bit more stabilazation than a 1-28 might offer. Basically this rifle is my Elk rifle. I feel very confident shooting the long Bloodline/Lehigh offerings + the heavy long lead conicals that Bull Shop Dan offers.

Any grabbed the rifle and headed to the Rock Pit. Did not have a whole lot of time so when I got to the pit I just set up a bunch of clay birds. While I was setting up my new birds, I found a lot of broke birds that still had really good sized pieces left so I set them up also - to increase the challenge a bit.

I did up shooting the shorter .458-275 grain DOA as this bullet is my universal bullet from the 52. I can use it both for deer and elk and not feel under-gunned.

Other than that not much else I can add except a couple of pictures... but it was a fun short afternoon.

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