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The Story..

6:45 AM Matt took off by himself at the sweet side of the park..and I took Kevin { Big Ben 7}
I drove backwards { Pitched and flipped } to give Kevin the best opportunity..He boated 4 bass ..biggest was only 2 3/4 pounds..I boated one on a 1/4 opunce only hit so far..

11:00 AM We ran into Matt who had already boated 7 dinks and lost a 5 plus flipping.However; his love is the crankbait.He tied on a Rapala 8 foot diver..andafter catching a small one his rod bent big time..He says out loud.."I got a good one." Short bass of 23 3/4 inches but chunky..I threw him the scales..He said,"Are these scales right?" I said yeah..what does it read?..He said almost 9 pounds..I pulled his boat over to mine and said,"Let me weight that fish." It was very heavy...sure enough nearly 9pounds ..a good 8 3/4 but actually closer to 9. up to this time his best was just last week at 6 3/4..Well I tied on my favorite crank..a 17 foot diving Black Back Chrome deep diving which I quickly put 2 fish in the which I will post is a 4.0 you a good look at the bait...and a dink..We quickly drive to some of our favorite sandbars and casted our butts off. Wham!! my rod is straining and my 10 pound Trilene and Shimano Symetre is put to the test..1 minute later Kevin helps me net a nice 8 pound even fish..Matt ended up boating 9 bass.

Thank you Lord Jesus

This was a four pounder and my Norman deep diving crankbait..Matt taught me something today..I would have never fished a crankbait..I do now. { -;Yes sir Gangly ..the big girls have just goten started..{ -;

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