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Thumbs up locating birds "my style"

I live on a 70 acre farm and I have been hunting bird's for the last 9 years. A tip I use to locate birds! Throw away the crow call and the owl hoot!!! Go buy an AIR HORN and give it a hoot!!! Ive located so many birds and killed some big Pa long beards. Last year was 11 1/4 in beard with 1" 1/2 spurs. Once i locate the birds I slide in within a 100 yds and set up Mr. B mobile that i replaced with a jake fan and snipped the beard down to about 2 inches. i set 2 hens out with him and the birds just cant resist!!! Good luck to all you turkey hunters Hope this tip works just as well as it does for me!!! gobble gobble gobble!!!!
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