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mostly reload 7mm-08 & 7mm Rem Mag. for accuracy mostly 7mm rem mag, but i reload a handful of other cals and i have tried alot of differant brass. heres what i like to do. remington federal and win. are cheaper, lapua and norma on the pricy side. i cant seem to like norma at all not because of price ive just had no better luck with them, but i like lapua brass, can reload them 4 to 5 times and seem to hold up better. i can buy a cheap box of federal rounds and go unload them on trees all day, take them home and reload them maybe at best 3 times, avg of 2. pretty close the same with remington. i dont use win. because my rifle does not chamber them right. ive shot over 50 winchester casing through it, factory and reloads and i cant get them right and it really puzzles me i dont quite understand why. if you know how to anneal brass and it is convenient for you sometimes can pay off. i really like federals they are cheaper and i anneal casings for my 7mm, they dont leave a whole lot of trash in the action. i like to take the extra time to soften the casings and it save me in the long run. i can get sometimes 3 more reloads without trashing the casing because it cracked. annealing is really not that hard but can really mess up by getting the casings to hot. if dont right it works wonders...
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