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Default Number 11

#11 was first printed in 1987. #14 was released in 2007. #11 does not have the cartridges that were developed during those 20 years (WSM, etc.), or the powders.

#11 has clear instructions for reloading that are worth reading. The loads in #11 are safe loads. #14 shows some maximum loads that exceed the #11 maximum loads, sometimes the reverse is true, but in general they are about the same. It may be wise for a new reloader (and many old ones) to stay below maximum loads.

Examples for .308 Win. 150 grain bullet:
748 powder #11 max - 48.5gr / #14 max - 50. gr
4064 powder both the same
H335 powder both the same

If you mostly wanted to read about how to reload and to get some starter loads #11 would be OK (for a super low price), but a #14 would be better. If I still lived in McLean I would lend you a manual or two to look over, but I now live elsewhere. Most older loaders would be happy to help you get started - try to find one.
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