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Up date. On monday tom & i hit a brackish water canal. Shot some more mullet (that is what you shoot when u are bored) and some spotted gar. Seen a bunch of gators and blue \crab. On monday afternoon we went boar hunting. Tom shot a small one bout 50# we went back on tursday he shot one that was wounded and then another one of 150#. I followed that up with a nice 200 # sow. Was a lot of fun was a spot and stalk hunt. My hog took a step just as i shot but i some how clipped the femoral artery so we got her. Boy these hogs do not bleed like a deer. After shooting 4 hogs not one left a blood trail. Was strickly easing along and looking to find them. One more month to play. To tell the truth i'm ready to get home and do some shed hunting and night carping. Really tough bowfishing down here, few legal species to shoot and all shots are a running shot.
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