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Two options... a row planter which would be better for corn, or a drill which would be better for beans.

Planters have different seed plates for different seeds (though I'm not 100% sure about sunflower). They place each seed at a certain spacing. Used two row conventional planters are fairly common in real good shape for under $1000. Row spacing is usually 20-40" The real down side of these is something like oats or wheat.

Drills are more of a controlled spill than individual placement, with narrower row spacing, usually 6-8". Speeds up canopy closure of beans, but not ideal for something like corn which needs more space.

A little figuring and either will do well enough for most peoples food plots.

There are also no-till types of each, but that will run the price way up.

I have a old 309 ford two row conventional(i.e. not a no-till) planter, and a great plains 605nt no-till drill. The drill will plant anything except possibly chufa (not tried it). I have planted corn with it with some success. For pretty corn, the planter works better. You can also plant small seed like turnips, clover, rape, jointvetch, etc. in the small seed box on the drill. Not to mention cereal grains, sorghum, and beans in the main seed box.

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