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Originally Posted by GRIZZLYMAN View Post
I'll be on the leases in Arkansas. I know there are turkeys on one lease, because I saw twenty plus on the lease on Saturday including three long beards. Two of them were strutting which is unusual this time of year. Maybe an early rut. Not good for me.
Man same here, me and a buddy ran up on 15-20 turkey in the same spot two days in a row, the last week scouting trails after Coyote hunting, it was phenomenal I've never seen anything like as far as how many their were, we walked up and they we're flying in every direction from the trees, even after they scattered.

Season starts March 31st here in Tennessee I believe, me and a buddy are going to start putting corn out this weekend, we're so excited we can't stand it.

Last year most of the Turkey in our area stayed off the Plateau and in the valley due to how harsh the winter was, and the population took a small hit due to the late spring we had.

Still though I've seen a good amount in our tract, can't wait til season to call some bearded boys in!
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