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well now that you asked, went hog hunting this morning had to wear long pants was in the 60's. finally sun ran me out of the tree at 10am was appraching 80. did not get out hoging yesterday, went by at 9:30 t check on corn i have out. of course there were 3 hogs under my stand. went out bow fishing, shot 6 mullet, one sheephead and a jack. my buddy jack from canada hit his first fish, a mullet. while we were going along there was a 6 foot gator laying under the water right by the shore and we were in salt water. would have taken a picture but doubt if it would have come out with him under the water, i could have poked him with my arrow, but decided against that. My buddy tommy mac from Pa, is flying out next week for a week, critters better look out we will be teaming up on them.
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