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[QUOTE=ButchA;3903035]This is AWESOME news!!! Woo-hoo!!!

But we must remember that even though it was 11-4 and passed the Senate, it's not a done deal.

HSUS is screaming mad.
"]VaHDA (aka - the deer doggers) are freaking out and trying to "rally the troops".[/[/COLOR]QUOTE]

One of their big arguments is that the landowners will not allow hunting on their properties if this passes which we know is an idle threat. Fact is many of these lands are on long term multi year leases and if the landowner attempts to prevent them from hunting they would be subject to a lawsuit. Additionally, it is hypocritical that this organization would use the argument that the landowner would invoke his property rights as an argument for obstructing anothers property rights.
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