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well second salt water trip in the books. after paying $5 to launch by boat, i had to replace my skid boards onthe trailer as they were rotted. As long as the boat was in the water i decided to go out for a bit. first time out at high tide. was nice getting around, but sure put the fish deep. saw some dandy sheephead but missed every one. not use to shooting at fish 4 feet deep, you almost have to shoot at your foot to get deep enough. next fewdays suppose to be coudy.
i got a shot at a hog the otherday could notfind my arrow. so after bow fishing i went looking for it. well i shot at the hog on thursday at 3:45pm. found arrow at 3pm on tuesday. i use Nocternals lited nocks. would you believe it was still on, after being on 5 1/2 days could not believeit. So much for 90 hours as they advertise. I was not too keen on traping around in the palmato thickets in the dark. after the owner telling my he has some huge diamond backs on his place. keeps you on your toes.
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