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I am doing my shooting from a bench with sandbags. As far as range, I'd like to know that my rifle/cartridge combo will do the job at 300 yards. That's the far range of the shots I will get where I hunt. Normally 200 or less due to fencerows and hills.

My rifle is an Optima Elite. When the .50 ML barrel is on it, I can shoot 1 1/2" groups all day long at 100 yards. So I would assume that I should be able to shoot the same groups or better with the centerfire barrel with rounds it likes.

And as far as bullets go, my options are open wide. I just want something that will go where I point it. The only reason I went lighter is that the other rounds I've tried have been on the heavier side of the spectrum so I decided to try light. Whatever I can find that my rifle likes will make me grin ear-to-ear

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