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Cool.....when "Calling" be sure to stay hidden or in the shadows or in some type of cover,if possible sit up high and cover more ground with a better view,watch the wind direction....Coyotes usually circle down-wind when hearing a hurt animal to pick up the scent from down wind and coming in to see what it is...if they smell You they will high-tail it out of there.Sometimes You get lucky and they run right up to You...a wise older Coyote will be cautious and slip in before You know they are there or turn and leave several yards away and You may not even know they were there.

I hunt Coyotes like I'm Deer Hunting,I shower down with scent-free soap,all my clothes are washed in scent-free detergent and I spray them down with scent-killer...including my rubber boots!

Good Luck Idaho43....let Us know if Your Predator Hunting is successful,or if You just have a good time out in the wilderness?

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