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Since it was brought up.

I do blame running dogs for alot of things. The climate and nutrition may be the key for smaller deer but dog hunting.g has to be a close third.

With running dogs I get

Deer being pushed across swamps
Dogs interfering with my still hunting
Idiots standing in the road or next to it waiting to shoot across it.
4 or 5 shots in a row
Mud slung out in the road
Speeding up and down the road cause Jim bob spotted a deer
The pleasure of listening to non hunters bitch and complain about signs being torn down scared to let there pets out and many other things.

Yet I am a die hard bowhunter and also enjoy taking my Hawkins BP. I come and go and actually enjoy never being seen or heard unless i shot my bp gun. Forced to wear orange cause of regular gun season where shotguns account for 66% of firearm related accidents inthe past 10 yrs in VA.

I don't shot every deer buck or doe. I want a mature deer to harvest and let many deer pass on by. How many dog runners do that? None.. its brown and *boom* *boom* *boom* *boom* think I got it. And might be down. Cleaned many a deer and found buckshot in the ass. Thought the vitals were up front?
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