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Originally Posted by Nomercy448 View Post
Linear momentum (bullet weight times velocity) is what allows a round to penetrate brush.

Incorrect, momentum is mass x velocity, weight is the affect of gravity on mass, but your point is the same.

...NO cartridge out there that does well at penetrating brush.

agreed, none do it well, but all things being equal, heavier is better

ON THE OTHER HAND, a flatter shooting cartridge will let you shoot through the gaps, so your line of sight to target is actually where your bullet is flying, in which case, the .270win has the advantage.

Within 100 yards, the difference in trajectory is MINIMAL. If you are in a stand and shooting through gaps/brush beyond 100 yards free-hand, then good luck with whatever round you chose but it will most likely be a sloppy shot.

Better to not hit the brush at all.

Fully agree!

Beyond that, you have absolutely no evidence to support that most shots are taken under 50yrds. Maybe this is true in some densely wooded areas of the country, but in my 20yrs experience, I've had more 400yrd opportunities than 40 yarders. In the last week since our season has been open, I've had shots on 3 deer under 50yrds. I've had no less than 7 deer per day within 400yrds (for those of you keeping track, that's 50 opportunities over 50yrds, and 3 under 50yrds).

I guess your the average hunter?

I'm also not a big believer that a bolt action has a disadvantage in the woods. I have NEVER felt as if I were "slow to shoulder" with any rifle, and frankly, a compact/lightweight sporter .270 can be just as light and short as a levergun.

Most 30/30's are much shorter than traditional rifles and I was referring to maneuvarability. I never said that the bolt action was at a disadvantage in the woods, I dont feel as though it is. I prefer bolt over lever action almost always. Again, I was speaking in terms of pure maneuverability, primarily brushy wooded areas where long barrels and be cumbersom.

My personal opinion about guys that think they need quick follow up shots should have placed the FIRST shot better.

Agreed. If you don't think your first shot will get the job done, keep your booger hook the bang switch.

Personally, I've used a Marlin 336 in .30-30 out to 250yrds without any arguement in the past. Granted you have to pick the right bullet, and you have to know your trajectory, but it can easily do the job at that range.

Nice shooting, and kudos to you for doing the research required before shooting aimlessly at a deer, most people don't.

If I would have ONE rifle, out of these two, it would be the .270. A sporterwieght .270win can do anything a standard .30-30 levergun can do, and still have the advantage of longer range shooting. The .30-30 levergun, as much as I love them, is at a distinct disadvantage beyond 200-250yrds.

Though we disagree on some issues, I value your opinion and appreciate the discussion.
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