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Default I have a problem with my Browning

I have a A bolt boss stalker chambered in 300 win mag that has an issue; the problem is that the bolt locks up. Before I hunted with this gun i spent a lot of time on my range and tried out a few scopes, different loads and the gun functioned great, but then out in the field I couldn't get the bolt to work and it was totally locked up. I kept working it and it finally freed up. The gun worked fine for a couple more years then it happened again. Then today I was clearing my gun so I took the magazine out, took the safety off to eject the shell and it wouldnt open but I finally got the gun to open after putting the safety on and off several times. now I'm worried and don't trust this thing at all, furthermore I really don't know of a gunsmith around that I would trust cleaning my firearms much less have them attempt to fix one of my guns.
Should I send it to Browning or is there a smith that you could recommend that I could send it to that has a great reputation?
Better yet, is this something I could fix myself?

btw, I'm new here
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