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So nomercy you also answered my question in a very long and well thought out post. And to get one thing straight before you get the wrong impression of me. I don't care if someone shoots a heavier bow than I do. And although I too am very capable of shoot 70 and even 80 lb bows - and even with the higher kentic energy they develop, I personally do not see any need to use them with today's faster more efficeient bows. And I am sure the higher poundage bows will continue to fly off the shelf and those bowmen will be happy to have them. And frankly, the results I have seen using my 60 lb Martin on 2 american bison and getting complete pass thrus are proof enough for me. I don't believe I will be using my bow for anything larger than those animals (including moose).
And in regard to distance, last week I was fortunate enough to shoot a mature whitetail buck and got a complete pass thru at 43 yds. Now granted, I don't shoot a mechanical broadhead (which is a whole other debate), but a razor sharp 4 blade Magnus Stinger.
Now I may crank it up a bit should I decide to try for water buffalo which is a definate possibility. Maybe all the way up to 65 lb!

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