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Typical Buck
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Default get a load of this

Im taking my cousin to a location where i had an encounter with a big 12 i get him set up in his location and i start walking to where i planned to hunt well i get 40 yards and i see a giant pair of antlers sticking out of the 3 foot high weeds my heart is about to explode i draw back and decide not to take the shot couldnt see his body so i sit down and think of a plan well as luck would have hit my cousin was over they breaking branches buck got up and bolted he was atleast 16 points with a 2 foot high rack and in severe pain from what im guessing was a leg injury or someone shot him in the shoulder,i had no idea something of this caliber was in this timber I have hunted a lot of days seen some nice bucks but this one was the king of the forest
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