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Well I am back had a great time, good hunting and great friends made my trip one I will never forget. I gave myself 14 hunting days to fill my 2 tags this year and only used 4 days.

I left Albany NY on Oct. 25th and started my long drive to Kirwin, KS. First hunt was Oct. 26th. I got to an area that I wanted to hunt by 4pm and by 5:30pm I had deer coming in only a few does and yearlings. I left my stand in so I could hunt it in the am. The next morning I saw 7 does and yearlings and 3 bucks 8pt, 7pt, and 4pt. I did notice that most of the deer were crossing 50 - 75yds below me.

That afternoon I moved my stand 75yds and at 5:30pm I had my first deer down, 120lb doe 3yd shot 60yd recovery. I elected to not hunt the next morning and to just do some glassing. While glassing I seen more deer than I could count, seen a really nice 10pt with split G2's that I guessed would be in the 150's.

For that evening I picked a spot that was way off the beaten trail. There are 2 ways to get into it either its 2.5 mile walk, or 1 mile walk and you need to cross a stream 15yds wide and hip high. Not having waders I ran to the store and got some contractor bags, I would cross the stream leave my bags and then pick them up on the way out.

The first evening in I seen only 1 doe but she was being bugged by a 10pt. That evening I left everything there except my bow and arrows. The next morning I get in 1/2 hr before sunrise. When the woods lit up I could see deer and never stopped seeing deer until noon, the total for the morning sit was 25 does and yearlings, and 15 bucks 6 over 120" with 2 of them pushing 150". With everything I seen I stayed all day around 1pm I get a visit from 4 bobcats, a mother and 3 kittens. At 5:45pm I see a buck coming down a trail that crossed by at 10yds, I could see he was wide and high, that is all I needed to see. At 15yds gave him the stop bleat, I settled my 20yd pin on the spot I had picked and with a little back tension one 430gra arrow tipped with a grizz trick running 323fps passed thru his vitals in a flash. After a 50yd dash he stopped to catch his balance which he never got back. My hunt was over with the biggest buck I have ever shot.
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