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Originally Posted by coolbrze0 View Post
Not necessarily true. I used to agree w/ that, but having access to lg. tracts of land means you can benefit from QDM. Won't shoot anything smaller than 120" now, but like I said, that wasn't the case for many years. We harvest 200 lbers. quite often. I shot a nice 11 pointer Sat. on our farm in Manassas, didn't weigh him but I'd say he was up there. We've got some monsters (body size & racks) on a couple places we hunt in Fauquier.
Completely agree. I just wish the rest of Va would take a lesson from some of the NoVa counties. The deer up here are starting to mirror the deer in Maryland more than the rest of Virginia. It's amazing how big deer can get if they aren't spooked out of their minds and ran into another county by dogs. Just sayin. I enjoy deer hunting with dogs but it does affect the herd in a negative way.

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