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Last year I got a 120 range deer. My first larger rack deer and it yielded about 70 lbs of meat. That was my largest deer by far. There are a few times in the woods that I have seen big deer but mostly the body size of the deer I see just isn't very big. I even have pics of deer that are 10+ points but the body size just doesn't compare to other states...not ever close. Perhaps it is the areas that I hunt. I hunt urban areas near my home and public land.
On public land you seldom let a legal animal walk because opportunities are few and far between. I really think it's the heat and the genetics. The nutrition is here. We have lima beans and corn and beats and peanuts around here so the deer have plenty to eat but I don't know of anyone who has taken a deer large than 170 lbs. And that is rare. I shot a doe tonight and she was about 90 lbs....dressed out to just under 70 lbs. That is about average for does around here. I see some of the ones on TV and it looks like the does are over 200 lbs
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