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Awesome Bob. That's sweet lets see some pics brother.

My weekend went like this. Windy and warm.

Saturday morning saw several small bucks and a couple working does that weren't interested at all. Went back to the same stand saturday night and right at dark here he comes. He came in behind me and all I could see was his huge horns. He was about 15 yards behind but I have absolutely no shot behind me. He thrashed every tree in site for about an hour and then headed south like I thought he would to work his scrape line. I crawled down and got out of there quick.

Sunday morning saw some small bucks again.

Sunday night switched spots to a large track of land close to the house. I snuck in to a spot where I knew I could see a big deer. Problem is he saw me first and left when I was headed in. Sh!t. Climbed up anyway and saw two smaller bucks. One was a nice 8 that most people would shoot but I know what's on that place. I have two more days team and then I'm off until. the 21st. I WILL kill a biggun during that time frame. I know they are lurking. I put some cams out this weekend on some scrapes so I'm looking forward to checking them.

KCMO be in your best stand Thursday morning bud. It's gonna cold and still and the bigguns will be lurking about!

Keep the killing up guys. Do we have 3 on the board now?
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