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Originally Posted by RTG_Bekah View Post
@huntingkid, wen we practice, we practice starting at 10yrds and work our way back(everyday!), and always make sure were dead on. When practicing it helps to practicing all different yardages because you never know what opportunity might present itself. As far as "might as well use a rifle," its not about seeing how far you can shoot, its about putting your practice and hard work to use and the challenge, IMO rifle hunting is not as challenging, especially if u have a gun that is dead on, but that doesn't mean that every time a 60yrd shot presents itself he takes it, its not about that. You also have to take into consideration the deer n your area, how pressured and smart they are, also the terrain your hunting.

@Bibleman, that is why you have to practice, so you know how much to need to compensate for things like the deer ducking or kicking up, etc. Its not impossible by any means, if you know what your doing.
please shoot at a deer at 70 yards, guarantee they duck it, wind takes you off target, or don't get enough penetration to kill it. taking a shot that far with a bow just isn't ethical. Doesn't matter how good you are because at that range anything will happen.
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