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I understand olfats point
and do agree with it,
shot choice isnt something to be taken lightly,
many push the limits on what an ethical distance is.
i cant say what distance that limit is,
also for retrieving game you know you hit,
jake, no offense but if you didnt find it, dont think 2 days is enough,
personally i would have kept looking even if it takes me all season,
if you think it went onto neighboring properties that you dont have access to,
should consider that distance when choosing your hunting spot,
if its 100 yds from a property line, then i would consider that too close.
not that it wont happen again, but should do whatever possible to minimize the chances of that happening

another thing
i see more and more pushing the deer sooner and sooner
should go back to waiting 4 hrs minimum before tracking
many have cut that down to 2 hrs, 1 hrs, 45 mins,
4 hr minimum before even retrieving your arrow is highly recommended

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