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Originally Posted by AP HD_Jake View Post
i know for a fact if you fat hinedan shot a deer youd be lookin but there is a point where it all has to end... i looked for 2 days for that deer. YOU would have stopped looking after two days. if u live up to your name id be surprised if you looked the next morning. btw RTG_Bekah is my wife... just to throw that out there. i shoot sub 6" groups out to 80 yds. i just know my bow is capable. the problem is people like you who think they know it ALL. im comfortable shooting deer out to 70. opportunity doesnt present itself much but i are not god so dont act like it.
IMO if you shot that well at that yardage, and don't get many opportunities to take a shot like that, then practice out to 40 and make sure your dead on and maybe you wouldn't have wounded it? i know nerves get to people when taking a shot, first hand that is. What happened to bowhunting anyway, the sports about getting close to the animal. Now everyone's seeing how far away they can shoot one. Might as well use a rifle.
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