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Well some good news and some bad. The target buck i was after this year got shot by another guy that hunts the same farm I do, Kind of sucks but the guy that shot him is 23 years old, has put in allot of time buhunting and this was his first buck with his bow, so i cant help but be happy for him. The deer should score in the low to mid 150's.

On the bright side the older bucks are really starting to move. Had an awesome last couple of days in the stand, just not able to get a shooter within range.... yet. Ive got 3 days to hunt this week and then gun season opens, i usually dont get out much with the bow after gun and ml season to hopefully i can get it done this week.

Here is a short video clip of Friday morning. NIce looking 3 year old chasing does, hopefully he can make it through the year
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