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Nontypical Buck
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First off, congrats on that buck!!!

Second....I dont know if I am gonna be of any help. Just lost my bowhunting property due to me catching my "friend" in a lie about the landowner saying nobody could hunt there...then drove by and seen his truck in the hunting area. Then he posted pic on facebook right in the stand we hung during the summer......yadda yadda yadda

Went and checked my trail cam on the property Friday and the lock was busted off....then he told another guy who hunted there that he has been looking at my SD cards. So he has been deleting pics off my cams, stealing SD cards, stealing bow hangers out of my stands, sabotaging my trail cams over my corn pile by loosening the strap and turning it away from the corn, and now making up lies about me bringing strangers onto this property without asking?!

Been texting him and messaging him and he hasnt answered for 3 I am pulling my stands and probably stuck gun hunting the rest of the season on my 45 min away properties. If you want you can replace me with another if you like, Im gonna be hoofing it out on some archery only public land if I want to bow hunt. Gosh...this day sucks
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