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had a good productive week out in the woods..didnt land my buddy the 9 point...he dont want anything to do with me lol...we played cat and mouse all was like a scene right outta top gun...where'dddddddddddddddddd whoooooooooooo goooooooooooooooo? even with a dried out creek bed, i couldnt get in front of he's got hoes....they are way smarter than he is, if it wasntfer them..his arse would be hanging on my wall...i thought about gettin the doe, but i wanted him, and gettin a doe woulda scared him like homer simpson said...DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEE!!!!

Went back and got the kids friday after skool...1st time for my 8y/o...who put 3 in the bull from a 223 last weekend to prove she had the skills required...
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and my 13 y/o who wasnt all that thrilled about being in 2nd chair behind her lil sister .. lol
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all in all was a good time, 8 y/o couldnt get everything to work out to take a shot, but at least she saw plenty of deer. she isnt discouraged, its her very 1st time, and she knows her sis took 3 years to get her 1st...
she is ready for next time..
sunday mornin was a different 13 y/o had the go ahead on my buddy the 9 point, he was 80-40 yards from us the whole time...i think she got buck fever, cause he was posing, i mean beggin for her to kill he was posing for playboy or something. i could only stop him 9 effin times lol...i do commend her though, at any time she coulda took a crappy shot, but chose to wait for the right moment...congrats to her...she did put a heart shot on this lil momma here...i know she is 13, and the deer looks little, but thats because it is lol...average size doe for these parts..btw my daughter is 5'10" and 170 lbs...she did a good job
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her lil sis didnt mind either, she felt like she won after all

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fyi, hrordcae bolod in da sctanh

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