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We dont do this every day but every 3 or 4 days gives us a good picture of the probable weather coming, or at least the next 3 day trend.

First I pull down the satellite images for water vapor, infra-red and visible, these images can be bought off the main geostationary birds.

Then I look at the three radar images that I can get online which is composite reflectivity, base reflectivity and precipitation type.

Third I pull up the synpotic scale surface weather charts and then finally pull up the surface observations from nearby airports.

taken together this data gives us a probable weather pattern for our locations.

This is very good info to have and in combination with our advanced military training in field condition weather forecasting and our local knowledge we can predict the coming weather better than teh nearest news agency.

you can also learn this by applying for courses and training done by the AMerican Avalanche Institute.

all of our guides have attended the first three levels of AAI weather forecasting and if you are serious about your outdoor lifestyle I recommend them, as well as becoming Wilderness First Responder Certified or wilderness EMT certified.
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