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BLACK BEAR (Ursus americanus)
WHITETAIL DEER (Odocoileus virginianus)
MULE DEER (Odocoileus hemionus)
ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK (Cervus canadensis)
PRONGHORN ANTELOPE (Antilocapra americana)

Just 5 for me. Not sure if any of the "slams" or "supers" really appeal to me.

I would like to shoot a Mountain Goat for sure, maybe a Yukon Moose and maybe a Caribou as well. That would get me to 7 out of the 10 for the "Super 10" or whatever they call it, but right now I don't really have any interest in shooting a cougar out of a tree or a penned up Bison. A sheep would be nice, but I'm not going to pay the $$$ for a auction tag so I'll only have to worry about that if I get super lucky on a draw. Maybe one day I'll spring for a guided Dall sheep hunt I guess, but it will be a ways down the road and I'll probably be too old by then.

A Deer slam just doesn't appeal to me at all. To me a coues deer is just a small whitetail and the two blacktail deer are both just small mule deer. You'd have to have some type of documentation on where you shot them to go with a shoulder mount just to show that they weren't small whitetails or mule deer.

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