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Grim Reapers 100%!!!!!!!! What other broadhead out there is good enough for a major bow manufactor to out their name on it? None!! Mathews did. They are the only ones out there to have ever done so. That says volumes for their belief in a product.
That and I have take over 80 animals with them and have yet to loose one or trail one over 125yds, no matter the hit!!!!!!! That includes a 193-3/16ths, 12pt So. Il giant and an 1-3/8ths short at the time World record Catalina Ram from So. Texas. The 12pt took a spine hit that broke a vertabre into 4 pieces and only broke off one blade!!!
I have 2 doz. 100grn put up on the shelf just to be sure I won't/don't run out.
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