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Well, I have been reading this battle and was not going to respond but it got to me.

I have shot fix blade BH's all my years and have always been against mechanicals! I will say that that it is each persons choice, weather I agree or not. I am trying Rgaes this year, well at least I have one on an arrow. I am going to try it on a doe if I get the chance. I want to see what happens. I wil say that I feel a lot more comfortable with my fixed blades. They work simple, cut on contact!

Basically I feel if you hit the deer where you are supposed to be hit i, just about any BH will do the job. Most lost deer are due to bad hits. No ones fault but the person that sent the arrow. I chose to tune my bow because I am good at it. Others are not comfortable tuning their own bow. They shoot what works for them, OK in my opinion, if they want help I will always help but only if they ask. It is also hard to get people to try new broadheads when they are expensive to go buy to just "try" them out.
I have friends that shoot mech and have great success. All of us that hunt together have lost a deer in the last twenty years we have been hunting together. Honestly we have never 2nd guessed our BH selection after it happened. The only time we talk about BH selection is before the season starts. All the advertising on TV usually prompts this conversation. 99% of the time we never change.
Good luck this season what ever BH you chose to shoot!
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