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Default Nothing, learn to hunt

Attractants and unnatural products just get you pictures of deer, they will never bring deer back to the area more than a few days after the product is gone. They also teach the deer to travel at night. They also get the deer even more associated with human scent and unusual things, like a pile of food in an unusual place. The times I have deer over a fresh pile of corn they look nervous for the first day or so in the pictures. The flash and the click the cameras make don't help either.

You are much better off putting in some time in the preseason scouting. Best time is from 10-2 on hot days. If you can manage the very best time is from 10-11 and 1-2, they seem to move around noon even in 90 degree heat, not as much though. If you do see deer, turn around and leave the opposite way they ran and don't come back for at least a week and avoid that area and that time if at all possible. Also, make note of wear they ran from. Any spot you see them in the middle of they day is a good spot for early season hunts because they generally stay on the preseason patterns up until the pre-rut.

The best spot for a cam is under a food source in the preseason or on a travel route. In my area that means white oaks. They drop the soonest and the deer love them. Unlike a feeder that may have been in a place for a few years max, a mast producing oak or a heavy trail has been there that deers whole life as well as the parents life who showed the fawn that tree... and so on.

I am very paranoid about placing cameras when I find a good spot. Mainly because I hunt such an unpressured spot I feel that anything unusual could alarm a deer. Also because I work hard to find the good spots and I don't want something as silly as a camera flash or click or human smell to screw up a spot. The mature animals don't get that way being careless, they are easily spooked in my experience. For this reason I will find a tree I can hand climb up to a fork and hang the camera up about 10ft angled down a good distance from the food source or trail. In my best locations I don't even risk a camera. I only visit the weekend before the season to confirm ripe acorns or fresh tracks on a heavy corridor.

Some people don't have the advantage of mast trees and can only manage to attract deer to a certain location. I would use a mineral/ salt lick and put it in at least a couple months before the season. The problem with this is you pretty much have to hunt over this trap in order to kill deer on this type of property, that is called killing not hunting. Unfortunately, hunting is reduced to killing in many cases. I refuse to even hunt green fields, especially with a gun, unless I'm just killing a doe for meat to save my valuable time. This is nothing to be proud of or to brag about though. -Jeff
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