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Got the hunting season back on the right track this past week! After hitting a big 12 point with split brows on opening night, the season was off to a bad start. That bad luck changed this past week at Seven J Outfitters in Wyoming! My graduation present was a mule deer/antelope hunt with my dad along for the ride and my uncle kevin also hunting. Unfortunately i had two midterms scheduled for the day we were supposed to leave, so i had to get a plane ticket!

October 6, Day One: Set up glassing off a huge vantage point, few smaller bucks spotted a couple miles away. Also saw 3 elk including two 350 class bulls. Mid day went looking for antelope and saw a bunch but no shooters. Missed a coyote 3 times at 100 yds and though how am i going to hit something at 200+ yards! Hunted all timber country.

October 7, Day 2: Once again crappy weather, rain, wind, cold. Blew out one big buck getting to a glassing point early am. Got a break in the weather during midday and the deer started moving. Hunted sage brush and draws. Spotted two good bucks with a smaller buck and some does, put two long stalks on them before my uncle got a shot at 25 yds! Nice 3x4! Later in the day i smoked a good antelope at 235 yds and passed on a 5x4 muley.

October 8, Day 3: Terrible weather once again! 30 mph winds and rain! Spotted a good buck early in the morning in the timber and put a stalk on, and turned up nothing. Spent the majority of the day chasing antelope and mid afternoon my uncle layed out a very big goat! To top off the already successful day we spotted the 5x4 from the day before and i dropped him at 170 yds after a good stalk!

Awesome trip, great people and cannot wait to be back. Seven J Outfitters, Sundance, Wyoming. Out of 6 hunters at the lodge 5 good deer were taken by the fourth day along with 4 antelope(only 4 guys had tags) Biggest buck was taken at the Gilette camp grossing 190"s with a 29+ inch spread!

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